Thursday, September 11, 2014


I got married in May in LA and had another ceremony in MN in July, which is the photo you see above. I had two different wedding dresses, can you believe that! The dress I wore in LA was vintage which I will post later, the dress I wore in MN was mostly lace,which I really wanted and I liked the classic off shoulder look,my aunt and mother made my veil which I adore! 

Our wedding cake was exactly what I wanted, I was so pleased!! 

I made the cake topper :) 

I was a bride once...

Hollywood Homes.

Above we have the former home of John Barrymore and Dolores Castillo, it is said he bought this house for her as a wedding gift.

Above is former home of Artie Shaw and Ava Gardner, it is located right in Beverly Hills, I was pleased this was still in one piece as the house he lived in with Lana Turner is demolished, like so many are. 

         I don't think anyone famous lived at this house but I just love it. 

         Silent film star Esther Ralstons home looks exactly the same!

More soon! >3

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been so behind on this blog, so I decided to post various photos of what I've been doing. I update the most on Instagram , key word dizzy amy 

just another day in Hollywood.

This is me at the location of the Modern Times ending.

I finally had the chance to visit the location of where the ending to Modern Times was filmed, which is one of the best endings in cinema history in my opinion

Shooting in the Hollywood Hills

At Gower Studios

At Paramount Studios

Street art and I

Friday, February 21, 2014

Forest Lawn. Glendale.

Finally made it out to the beautiful Forest Lawn cemetery. Many celebrities graves are here. I have always heard about such awful staff behavior, we did not encounter rude staff and it was very quiet and peaceful, although I think if you were to hop the gates to see your fav celebrity you will get asked to leave. You are able to find the sites such as Jean Harlows and Mary Pickford but you cannot go in and see them, and if you think about jumping the gate,they do have cameras. I was however brave enough to go see Clara Bows Grave and it's very easy to see from the "gate". I was thinking to myself, why can't the celebrities have private tombs just for family after all they did share so much of themselves publicly. 


So many more updates to share when I have time!! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Exploring the desert.

In Palm Springs. 

Went out to the Salton Sea that place is bizarre! 

Where is my horse ?

I made the necklace I am wearing.. I love making jewelry. 

Love old abandoned buildings.