Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greetings from Napa Valley.

“At the bottom of every frozen heart there is a drop or two of love―just enough to feed the birds.”
Henry MillerTropic of Cancer

This past October I was in Napa Valley where my boyfriends parents own a vineyard, I had the pleasure of walking down the rows of vineyards,smelling the grapes.. and it reminded me how much I always enjoyed walking in fields, ( now I am from the midwest )  its so peaceful and calming. 

At the Inglenook Winery. I fell in love with Zoetropes here.


It is rumored that Inglenook winery is haunted,and you know how I love a good ghost story. 

One of the oldest houses in Napa Valley. 

I stayed in the cute town of Calistoga while in Napa Valley. The town is big on mineral bathes/spa's,next time I visit I think I should get a mud bath. 

Mysterious family portrait in the guest house..


The air is like a draught of wine.
The undertaker cleans his sign,
The Hull express goes off the line,
When it's raspberry time 

-Noel Coward (1899-1973)
On With the Dance, 'Poor Little Rich Girl'

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