Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hollywood sign..

Nick and I hiked up to the Hollywood sign, the views were amazing!! I could not help but wonder how Peg Enwistle climbed those hills at night so she could jump to her death… the poor dear :(
While the stars on the sidewalk are now an everyday normal thing for me.. the hollywood sign is always a reminder you are living in one of the most famous places in the world.   As a midwest transplant I admit I had some of the stereotypical ideas in my head about LA before I moved here, and many are proving me wrong. My goal is to show people the real Los Angeles not what you see on TV.

The start of the hike.

On top of the world!


  1. So cool. I've always wanted to go there. I love the filters on your pictures, too. They make them look super unique!

  2. Wow what views! In 2008 when I went to my senior prom, a bunch of my theatre friends and I planned a party after the prom at the Casablanca. We called it "Better Prom" as it was to be better than the actual prom we went too. A month earlier during spring break, we gathered together and made and cut out of wood a GIANT "Hollywood" sign and mounted it on the hill above the house. (This thing was 4ft high and 26ft long! At night all lit up it could be seen from half a mile away!) We planned to leave it up and take care of it as a gift to the lake community around the Casablanca, however the lease holders made us take it down the day after prom! I still have those 4 ft letters in my storage unit! haha

  3. Hello again, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award so there are some questions for you on my page, congratulations!

  4. Ah! Wow. That view. It looks incredible! So much nicer than grotty old London!