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It Happned One Night

  Franklin Park Canyon is one of the locations where It Happened One Night filmed, you can visit the pond where they swam across even! This is one of my favorite movies and I love the Hitchhiking scene,  I decided to pay homage to good ol Claudette Colbert which happens to be my Husbands number one old Hollywood crush. Photos were taken at Franklin Canyon Park,many movies have been filmed here, its really a great park 7 miles from Hollywood but it makes one feel you are in the country :) My Dress is from the 1930s, and is absolutely one of my favorites in my closet! I hope you enjoyed the photos,blogger was giving me some trouble so I apologize for the jumpy layout..  Photos taken by my husband and edited by me. 

Things I've been up to

I sure know how to keep busy in LA., and this is only a few of the things.  Running around exploring Los Angeles. I've always loved snooping old warehouses.  I have a new hair do! I went short and darker!  Back to the 30s.,. I've been doing lots of ATC art.meow.  Supporting Luxepaws who rescues kittens off the street and fixes the adults!  Last month attended ticket to the 20s.  And I'm addicted to wearing baby doll dresses.  Greetings from Hollywood! Xo

Hollywood Homes.

Above we have the former home of John Barrymore and Dolores Castillo, it is said he bought this house for her as a wedding gift. Above is former home of Artie Shaw and Ava Gardner, it is located right in Beverly Hills, I was pleased this was still in one piece as the house he lived in with Lana Turner is demolished, like so many are.           I don't think anyone famous lived at this house but I just love it.           Silent film star Esther Ralstons home looks exactly the same! More soon! >3

just another day in Hollywood.

This is me at the location of the Modern Times ending. I finally had the chance to visit the location of where the ending to Modern Times was filmed, which is one of the best endings in cinema history in my opinion Shooting in the Hollywood Hills At Gower Studios At Paramount Studios Street art and I

Forest Lawn. Glendale.

Finally made it out to the beautiful Forest Lawn cemetery. Many celebrities graves are here. I have always heard about such awful staff behavior, we did not encounter rude staff and it was very quiet and peaceful, although I think if you were to hop the gates to see your fav celebrity you will get asked to leave. You are able to find the sites such as Jean Harlows and Mary Pickford but you cannot go in and see them, and if you think about jumping the gate,they do have cameras. I was however brave enough to go see Clara Bows Grave and it's very easy to see from the "gate". I was thinking to myself, why can't the celebrities have private tombs just for family after all they did share so much of themselves publicly.    So many more updates to share when I have time!! 
Exploring the desert. In Palm Springs.  Went out to the Salton Sea that place is bizarre!  Where is my horse ? I made the necklace I am wearing.. I love making jewelry.  Love old abandoned buildings. 


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I have been nominated for a Liebster blog award from  Sweeter gets the journey . Please check out her blog! Thank you so much for the nomination. I will try harder to update my blog more :) hope everyone is enjoying what I have posted so far.  1.  Do you or have you ever played any musical instrument.  If so what is it?  If not, what would you like to play?     I played the trumpet for many years, and I took piano lessons but wish I would of kept with it. I would love to learn how to play the slide guitar.  2.  What makes you laugh out loud?  Watching I love Lucy.  3.  Are you a morning or night person?   Night, but I love the atmosphere of the mornings and want to be more of an early bird.  4. What do you like to do in your free time?   Photography, if I do not do it for a while I get grumpy. 5.  How would you describe yourself?    I am really a goofy person once you get to know me,but seem reserved to those who just meet me.  6. What would you do with a billion dollars?  I w

Hollywood sign..

Nick and I hiked up to the Hollywood sign, the views were amazing!! I could not help but wonder how Peg Enwistle climbed those hills at night so she could jump to her death… the poor dear :( While the stars on the sidewalk are now an everyday normal thing for me.. the hollywood sign is always a reminder you are living in one of the most famous places in the world.   As a midwest transplant I admit I had some of the stereotypical ideas in my head about LA before I moved here, and many are proving me wrong. My goal is to show people the real Los Angeles not what you see on TV. The start of the hike. On top of the world!
I have been enjoying going to the beach,this photo was taken at Malibu. Merry Christmas from Hollywood! I spent the holidays in San Francisco and Napa Valley. Glimpse of old hollywood.. whats left.