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Thelma Todd

I visited her former cafe and the place where she was found dead. Her death became a great scandal, as some thought it may have been murder, I lean towards the Roland West theory, it was said he did not want her to go out again that night so he locked her in the garage to teach her a lesson.. picture Thelma Todd drunk sitting in the car, in the garage ready to drive off fighting with her lover.. so he locked her in, in the morning much to his shock she was dead. Thelma was very drunk that night, I suppose she passed out and died from the car fumes. We will never know what really happened. The Cafe today. The Garage she was found dead in.  Thelma Todd's ghost.. haha The door to the garage..look at the tile  If walls could talk.....

Max Factor

Visiting the Max Factor building.....its such a beautiful place. A little history on Max Factor- He created appearances for actresses such as Clara Bows heart shaped lips, he also created shades special for the starlets. Some of his clients included- Valentino,Mary Pickford, Pola Negri, Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert.. to name a few!! The 'Beauty Calibration', its the only one in existence. To put it simple, this wire cage pinpointed where facial corrections needed to be made.  Makeup in Brunette room.  Again in the Brunette Room, Claudette Colbert cut the ribbon on its opening. "Brownette room"  better known as Judy Garlands room.  Here we have Marilyn Monroe's makeup and where she became a blonde.  The "brownette room" was my favorite and I love green ;) Lucy became a redhead in this room.  All the make up you see here was Lucille Ball's So many Starl

Hollywood and Vine

  Here are a few photos of the past on hollywood and vine                                      Beginning in the 1920s, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the area began to see an influx of money and influence as movie and music businesses began to move in, turning the local farms and orchards into movie backlots. Hollywood and Vine was the second busiest intersection in the area. You can still see Trolly tracks on the streets of Hollywood.. Above.. Hollywood and Vine as it is today... you can see the taft building behind me.. Charlie Chaplin had an office there.  Charles Boyer's star right in front of me.